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We invite you and your child to visit our school and see everything we have to share.

Please contact us to learn more about the Maywood Co-op. The school offers both Before and After Care programs.
Maywood Cooperative Nursery School, Inc.
PO Box 721
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Liz Jones, Director
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 Emergency Closing:  All families will be notified by email of any emergency school closings.

Inclement Weather Schedule in most cases coincides with the Maywood Public Schools - families will be notified via email.

Monday, Wednesday or Friday
If a Delayed Opening is called, we will open at 12:00 noon and dismiss at 2:30pm for both Full and 1/2 Day Students.
If an Early Dismissal is called, we will close at 11:30 am.
If school is closed, no classes will be held that day.

Tuesday and Thursday
If a Delayed opening is called, we are closed due to the timing of the Toddler Class, and the need to have the outside sidewalks cleaned for our families safety.
If an Early Dismissal is called, the Toddler Class dismisses at regular time. If school is closed, no classes will be held.

Please note that each class session has been alloted 4 snow days, before any compensation will be made. Compensation will be decided by the board if needed.
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